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PreSAGE by CoNEX Healthcare

PreSAGE is the only privacy-preserved image-based solution widely adopted in hospitals, nursing homes and now into residential homes. Powered by artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, PreSAGE can now accompany patients from hospital to home. This enables a continuous care cycle as patients recuperate and age in place in the comfort of their homes. Predicting and preventing falls, PreSAGE empowers clinical teams with data and insights into living patterns, behaviour changes, and even nocturnal activities that can guide interventions and rehabilitation.


FxMammo by FathomX

FxMammo is an AI assistant that analyses mammograms to assist early detection of breast cancer. With deep learning technologies and clinically validated parameters, the software improves both the efficiency and accuracy of existing methods, thereby reducing the burden on clinicians. The technology utilises an algorithm that gathers information from four AI models, each analysing one of the four views obtained from the digital mammogram scan. The product is developed following international standards like IEC62304, IEC62366, and ISO14971. It is also approved by the Singapore Health Sciences Authority as a Class B device.


KIMIA Recovery Management
System by Kinexcs

KIMIA Recovery Management System is a post-surgical recovery management product comprising a smart wearable sensor device built upon patented and proprietary sensing technologies. It allows remote monitoring of the joint condition and provides regular live feedback to patients. It comes with an AI-based digital therapist that allows for guided at-home exercises and proprietary algorithms used to detect complications during the post-surgical recovery period (such as wound infection, excessive discharge, or bleeding).


NuCalm by Quantum

NuCalm is the world’s first and only patented neuroscience technology clinically proven to reduce stress and improve sleep quality without drugs by balancing the human autonomic nervous system. Without pharmacological intervention, side effects and compromise, NuCalm delivers preventive self-care beyond hospital walls, providing significant tangible benefits for Singaporeans to manage baseline stress and anxiety for better health and performance.


QTX Magnetic Mitohormesis by

Post-stroke disability is a major health and socioeconomic burden. Community rehabilitation improves outcomes but is arduous with poor compliance. Supplementary Muscle activation using a novel Singapore-developed muscle-mitochondria activating technology, Magnetic Mitohormesis (MM). It can supplement existing community rehabilitation programmes to improve post-stroke recovery and functional independence.


Us2.AI by

Us2.AI is an AI-driven solution to acquire and analyse cardiac ultrasound images to diagnose Heart Failure (HF) by nurses in a primary care setting, providing clinical decision support to non-cardiac-expert medical practitioners. It is integrated with point-of-care (PoC) ultrasound devices with an AI assistant to guide the acquisition of images by novices combined with automated interpretation and serves as a one-of-a-kind solution to diagnose HF in a primary care setting at a fraction of the costs of a traditional echocardiographic exam.


Smart Robot Therapists at
Home by Articares

Articares presented a scalable solution for robotics-assisted telerehabilitation at home. Its system provides intelligently adaptable therapy exercise at home while enabling remote monitoring by clinicians.


AllyCare – Your Ally for Tele-
Rehabilitation by Rootally AI

AllyCare is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Tele-Rehabilitation System that therapists can use to deliver remote rehabilitation to the patients with engagement similar to one-on-one sessions, but servicing more people at once.


EEG Solutions by Epilog

Epilog is specialised in providing electroencephalogram (EEG) insights to improve patient care. EEG (using electrodes to measure electrical brain activity) is crucial in the diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of epilepsy patients. The EEG report or “passport “ (with all measured parameters) provides parameters of the brain health. It is liken to a test for epileptic brains similar to a blood control test for cholesterol patients.

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